It is about “Quality” … not “Quantity”

Many a times we prefer quantity instead of quality. We all want value for our money, it is in our nature. I am writing this piece to help you understand what “Value” you should be looking for from a baby portrait shoot.

Why just 1.5 hours, why not 3 hours?

There are good scientific reasons why I say my shoot is for no more than 1 to 1.5 hours – it is because children’s attention span is lost after this duration, while some parents may want to squeeze the maximum out of the session, they would only cause more harm to the overall quality of photographs by extending the shoot.

Children loose interest and become vexed after an hour of being asked to pose. It is important to remember that your child’s happiness and comfort is the top priority.

Why just 2-3 changes, why not 6-7 changes?

Every change of clothing for a child is not an enjoyable activity. It is simple math, 3 changes over 1.5 hrs means a change every half hour, more changes are nothing but adding distractions to the child and loss of natural expressions and increased levels of frustration.

Kids take time to get warmed up, and as they warm up more, they give away more natural expressions. So the more they are hampered, the lesser you get out of the shoot.

Why the price?

During the course of a shoot I spend an hour plus taking about 1000 plus pictures that need to be sorted. After selecting the best pics it takes time to process them. Then comes designing the album. All this takes precious time… Over half a day. The resulting product is a memory worth living for.

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