A Little About Me

I live in Chennai and work as a Tech Manager for a living, I love photography and have been clicking since the B&W days when I was a kid with all kinds of cameras.

I have taken tons of photos of children and learnt a lot in the process! Putting 2 and 2 together I provide my services (since 2010).

I believe I’ve brought lots of smiles along the way…

Children, photography (Trotography) and me …

Trotography[Trot-o-Graa-fee] – Noun – the process or art of photographing tiny tots.

This phrase was coined by me one night as I was thinking of

I get on well in general with most children. When I see children it makes me happy since they are generally full of love and innocence which can only be admired and adored. To take photographs of such wonderful trots is a pleasure for me.

I learnt photography over the years by taking photos of a number of children, which was not very straight forward. The reason being

– They are fast

– They are curious

They generally don’t care for photographs and are on the move forever

Now most households have regular cameras (Digital or film). These cameras have the ability to capture basic shots. People often struggle in getting the best out of them. Therefore the need for a better camera AKA the SLR arises, which is expensive and not very straight forward to use.

A lot of my friends fill gigabytes of disk with

  1. blurred photos,

  2. blaring photos with white flash on their babies

  3. Nothing at times because they cant be bothered to photograph

When it comes to photographing children I follow certain guidelines which I have learnt over the years with experience. To summarize some of these …

  1. Engage with children and make them feel comfortable before you try and take photos. Don’t think you can just whistle / shout or click fingers to get their attention, its not important that they see you but its more important that they are comfortable.
  2. Use natural lighting as much as possible because it brings out their natural beauty.
  3. Take photos while they do what they usually do and capture those candid moments and expressions
  4. Capture the subtle features of a baby, like their eye lashes, smile, tiny fingers / feet, tip toes, hair locks etc. These little aspects can be cherished a lot at later stages of ones lives.
  5. Never use flash unless it is really necessary because its harsh on tiny babies.

Following these simple principles with the right equipment can enable one to take great photographs, and that’s what I provide.